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The Elevation Project is a ground-breaking initiative in Jewish education that reveals the Torah and Kabbalah’s definitive model of human psychology and consciousness. Through live seminars, meditation retreats, and online programs, Elevation teaches the next-level keys for true self-mastery, emotional transformation and unparalleled spiritual experience.

“We spent the last fifteen years conducting a kind of archeological dig into ancient texts – searching for the most profound experiential and transformative teachings of our 4,000-year-old mystical tradition. What we discovered hidden at its heart was a simple unified system that, when grasped, allows seekers of any level and background to gain access to even the highest-level spiritual practices with breathtaking ease. The future of self-development is indeed ancient. I’m so excited to share it with you.”
– Rav Doniel Katz, Founder/Director

Elevation Is for Everyone

The Torah’s teachings on consciousness are universal. They transcend divisions and denominations, and speak to the heart of every one of us.

“After suffering for years from chronic illness, I had searched tirelessly for answers which neither western, functional or alternative medicine had to offer. When Rav Katz and the Elevation Program entered my life, I finally found the path to the deep healing and connection I yearned for. With every new technique I learned and adopted from the Elevation Program, my mind, heart and body were calmed, healed and transformed. I am so thankful to Rav Doniel for bringing these teachings to the world.”

Hannah Cohen, Florida

“It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced…I was blown away by my own ability to calm my mind and control my thoughts this way. I didn’t know I could do that…and it’s revolutionary to realize that I can generate my own positive emotions this strongly…”

Rebecca Salman, Brooklyn

“Elevation has made a huge impact on me in a relatively short time. It helped me think more clearly and manage my emotions better, which has been of great benefit both personally and professionally. I’m more at peace with myself and others, and I feel more connected to myself than I ever knew I could. I am incredibly grateful.”

Gregg DeMammos, Washington D.C.

“Absolutely fantastic – high, high experiences and totally transformative. Exactly what I as looking for all my life. Who knew it was this close to home?”

Michael Kleinman, Atlanta

“I am very impressed with Rabbi Katz’s ability to facilitate deep and positive change in people’s lives. I have attended two of the seminars and have been profoundly affected by the depth, breadth and beauty of the Torah sources Rabbi Katz presents and by the powerful methods he teaches for applying the insights contained therein to life. The benefits are intellectual, spiritual and emotional: increased meaning in life; improved self-worth; acknowledgement of and respect for one’s spiritual self; inner harmony; improved relationships; closeness to God and love of Torah. I myself have experienced such benefits and have received similar feedback from many of Rabbi Katz’s students over the years.”

Dr. Yehudis Mishell, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Maalot and Moreshet, Jerusalem

“Sometimes I am shocked at how well my children react and handle the curveballs of life. My children are being raised on Elevation teachings, which go far beyond individual lessons that I can give over. Elevation provides a framework in which one can access his own self-knowledgeand inner resilience. Instead of a new method “to add on” to the proverbial parenting tool box, Elevation taught me how to strip away all outer layers and release the soul and depth of myself and my children. Raising children is often more about “raising parents” and by raising myself through Elevation, I have been empowered to raise kids with incredible capabilities. My home has been transformed into a place of calm exciting energy. If calm seems like the opposite of high energy, I suggest you check out what Elevation is offering…”

Rebbetzin Amit Yaghoubi, New York

“Despite having been to ashrams in India, learned at the Kabbalah Center and practiced many different paths. I found the Elevation Mastery Program to be absolutely mind-blowing. Rav Doniel really took me to a way deeper place within myself than I had ever gone to in all these similar programs, and I broke through some pretty amazing blocks. Elevation teaches a deeper understanding of how we are made up psychologically, spiritually and our connection to God and the Universe and how it all works. I feel so happy to finally be learning my own wisdom – the wisdom of my people.”

Ayelet Saban, Tel Aviv

“It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life… incredibly intense, enlightening, relieving, and liberating. I felt truly God’s love for me for the first time since I can remember. You have changed my life.” -Rebecca Neumann

the elevation system

Experience a Powerful and Positive Shift Across Every Dimension of Your Life

Experience authentic Jewish meditation techniques that you never imagined were a part of your own tradition

Master the capacity for perfect focus and concentration on any subject you choose

Dramatically empower and accelerate your body’s innate capacity for inner-health and healing

Discover within yourself an infinite source of confidence, compassion and love

Access and maintain profound states of inner peace, serenity and joy

Open yourself to more loving, authentic and satisfying relationships

Rapidly overcome fears and emotional blocks

Unleash your powers of intuition, creativity and healing

Transform your daily prayers and habitual mitzvah observance into powerful, life-changing experiences

“if you can understand your mind you have the power to transform it”


The World’s Preeminent Course On Consciousness, Psychology & Meditation From The Torah’s Perspective