Elevation teachings are entirely sourced from the Torah, one of the world’s most ancient and profound wisdom systems. We’ve culled the most extraordinary psychological insights from Torah’s brightest sages, scholars and spiritual masters who were, as you’ll see, thousands of years ahead of their times. Elevation reveals that, underneath what appears to be an overwhelming array of commandments and rituals, there actually exists an elegant unified system of spiritual development, far greater than the sum of its parts.


Elevation is not just another therapeutic modality, healing tool, meditational technique, or spiritual practice. Rather, it reveals the system of systems, laying out the theoretical framework through which every other technique and practice can be understood and clarified. The ancient masters claimed that hidden within the Torah was the “blueprint of human consciousness,” a definitive map of the superstructure of the mind, body and soul. Thus, Elevation reveals a greater context through which other systems can fit together into a more holistic, unified whole, enhancing and increasing the effectiveness of each individual practice. The good news is that learning Elevation doesn’t mean you need to leave behind what is already working for you. Rather, Elevation shows you how to take your current therapeutic and spiritual practice to the next level.


Why should the modern mind have to choose between Torah and science? We believe that true Torah and true science, far from being mutually contradictory, in fact empower and clarify each other. As we’ll learn, this synergistic relationship was predicted by the Zohar 2000 years ago. While the Elevation Curriculum is solely Torah-based, we have found that many of its teachings and techniques have now been tested and proven by cutting-edge research in the fields of neuroscience, positive psychology and trauma therapy, amongst others. Psychologists and psychiatrists who have participated in the seminar claim that it rarely contradicted their scientific training, but if anything clarified, systemized and greatly enhanced what they had previously learned. We’re excited about helping to build bridges between Torah mystics and the scientific community, and look forward to creating new platforms for dialogue and cross-pollination, to help these two worlds further enlighten each other.


Surprisingly enough, the daily practice of formal Jewish prayer is the educational device we use to explore the full spectrum of human potential. The psychological skill-sets needed for prayer are a microcosm of the life skills we need to master our consciousness and lead happy, holy and successful lives. Embodied in prayer are the master rules of self-transformation, including: the ability to maintain perfect concentration for an extended period of time; the ability to consistently control the imagery in our mind; the capacity for perfect emotional control, meaning immediately eliminating negative feelings and generating and enhancing positive feelings; and the moment-to-moment capacity to feel and experience the Divine as a reality. Prayer also demands that we know how to access deeper states of consciousness; to experience higher worlds; and to understand how to bind our consciousness with others in order to share shefa (energy), bring healing, and change personal destiny. With all this in mind, we teach that the Torah’s ritual of daily prayer is a mental gym, so to speak – the perfect training ground for mastering your consciousness and transforming your life.



Learning Torah was never just meant to be an intellectual process; you’ve also got to know how to draw that wisdom down to the heart, into practice and experience. This is the secret behind our innovative methodology. First, we’ll teach you the comprehensive blueprint of the human mind on a theoretical level. But then the fun begins, as we’ll show you how to plug that system in and turn it on. Through an extraordinary array of exercises and techniques, you’ll discover how to practically access, experience and be transformed by what you’ve learned. We believe that experiential teachings are the missing link in our generation, and bringing them back to the table is the raison d’etre of the Elevation Project. Participants of all ages have described Elevation Seminars as some of the most fun, exciting and engaging learning experiences they’ve ever had, and we’re excited for you to try it, too!


If there’s one thing all the great spiritual masters agreed on, it was that true self-mastery can never be achieved in isolation, but only through connection to a greater chaburah (a community of like-minded souls). Inspired by this, we’ve put community at the heart of everything we do. You’re warmly invited to come join our expanding Global Elevation Chaburah of seekers, growers, practitioners, educators and visionaries who are changing, evolving, and elevating their lives — together. You’ll have the opportunity to connect to kindred spirits in your local community, or go global by plugging into our cutting-edge, fully interactive online platform. This multi-media forum provides a place for participants around the world to discuss teachings and exercises, share their insights and journeys, and participate in weekly practices and activities. You’ll be moved and inspired by hearing others’ stories, receive strength and clarity from guides and peers, and get the chance to encourage others, too. Community is the true foundation of all deep growth. Welcome to the community you’ve been waiting for.


True education is not just about imparting details and information from the outside in; it’s about awakening and clarifying your innermost world. Gaining clarity about the workings of your mind and heart, your personal struggles, and your unique potential is perhaps the single most important and profound educational experience you can have.


Remarkably, the entire spectrum of human psychological experience, no matter how mundane or how spiritual, can be explained by only seven key elements. In Elevation 1, we’ll reveal the incredible theoretical framework of The 7 Core Faculties of Human Consciousness, which will serve as the foundation for all the exercises and experiences that follow in the Elevation Curriculum. 

Topics include:

Map of the Human Mind: The 7 Core Faculties of Human Consciousness: Deconstructing your mind and heart, we’ll reveal that all human consciousness can be completely understood through these seven keys. You’ll learn the name of each one, fully grasp how it works, and directly experience it through a plethora of fascinating exercises. Best of all, you’ll get more clarity on how you tick than you may ever have thought possible.

11 Dimensions of Daas: Will the real Me please stand up? Daas is the most profound and fundamental element of our consciousness, because it is pure, pristine consciousness itself. Daas is both the self and the awareness of self, as well as the capacity to choose, change, and transcend. For our spiritual practice to be as powerful, transformative and effective as possible, every aspect of our daas will have be utilized, catalyzed and under our control.

4 Stages of Human Development: Underlying all our varied and diverse life journeys (with their constant ups and downs) is a single learnable pattern – a model that is hard-wired into the very structure of reality. Becoming conscious of how this model works will not only give you cosmic clarity on all that’s happened in your past, but will pave the way for you to make steadier and more stable change in the future.

Hislamdus is a key and liberating principle at the heart of all healthy inner transformation work. It was revealed by our Sages to help us deal with the single biggest block we all face when trying to have a spiritual experience. (You’re about to find out what that is). Hislamdus sets us free of the stress, pressure and demands we put on ourselves when we seek to change. It’s a theme we return to again and again in Elevation, as it gifts us a more healthy, grounded and sustainable attitude to growth.

Meditations and Practices:

Daas B’Golus: Desire has its consequences. Dare to explore the real-time effect that chocolate cake (and all our desires) have on our higher consciousness.

Hakara V’hargasha: Fall head over heels in love with a pen (and a plastic cup, and a flower) as you learn to attune your mind to fully bond, connect and resonate with the essence of any object or being in creation. A strange but wondrous technique to unleash the full empathetic capacity of your mind.

Hakaras Hatov: Feel great about gratitude with this new, exhilarating approach to saying “thank you” and “you’re welcome.”

Koach HaRatzon: Who you are is what you want. In this surprisingly simple exercise, you’ll awaken your deepest sense of will – and, through that, your deepest sense of self.

Lev HaShomeah: Learn to listen with all your heart, rather than being distracted by your mind, and you’ll hear and be heard on a whole new level. This new communication technique generates much deeper levels of connection and flow between friends, families and partners. We need to seriously reboot our capacity to listen to others, because listening is more than just hearing; it’s loving.

Sovel Hafochim: You can handle the complexity. Discover your surprising capacity to hold multiple contradictory thoughts, dimensions and concepts in your mind simultaneously. The less you try, the easier it gets.

HaTzafuni: You know that one big block you have? That thing you know you should do, but can never get your act together to start doing? Why beat yourself up about it? Together, we’re going to finally understand why we keep getting stuck in the same places, and how to break the pattern – by teaching you to find, identify and uncover the hidden desire buried at the bottom of your consciousness that’s causing your life’s biggest blocks trying to have a spiritual experience. (You’re about to find out what that is). Hislamdus sets us free of the stress, pressure and demands we put on ourselves when we seek to change. It’s a theme we return to again and again in Elevation, as it gifts us a more healthy, grounded and sustainable attitude to growth.


With the theoretical framework in place from Elevation 1, we’re now free to dive into the more experiential levels of the program. Rav Doniel teaches that four main mental skill-sets are essential to leading a happy, healthy, and spiritually elevated life. He refers to these as the Arba Yesodei HaAvodah, which we call the 4 Pillars of Elevated Living. The 4 Pillars are: calming and settling the mind (Yishuv Hadaas); accessing and merging with the divine light within (Deveikus); maintaining the sense and benefit of that light as we move through everyday life (Hishtaavus); and leveraging it to rapidly release and elevate destructive desires and emotions when they awaken (Tikkun Hamiddos). In Elevation 2, we learn a plethora of profound tools, techniques and skill sets to master the first 3 of the 4 Pillars. Many of you will have profound spiritual experiences as we learn meditations to transcend our everyday mind and access the infinite light of our Divine soul within.


Topics & Meditations Include:

YISHUV HADAAS: Return to your senses, and hit the reset button on your consciousness. Learn how to rapidly settle and silence your mind, clearing away all distracting and destructive thoughts and negative feelings. Doing so reduces stress and restores our internal balance, leaving us feeling calm, clear, open, present and focused. This mindful state, however, was never meant to be a goal unto itself, but just a preparation. It was taught by the mystics as a kind of launch-pad from which we can blast off to much higher states and abilities.

DEVEIKUS: The moment of revelation has arrived, as you’ll be guided to release your lower “self” (Daas Tachton) and melt into your higher divine self (Daas Elyon), awakening to a whole new level of cosmic awareness and possibilities. Prepare for a direct experience of the infinite, blissful divine light within, in all its power, radiance and beauty. This experience of merging and emergence, of contact with the transcendent, will be a personal game-changer for many. For some, it will be simultaneously ecstatic and humbling to finally awaken to what they’ve always carried within: their true power, self and birthright.

CHIUS: Don’t just reach for the light, but bring it on down, as you learn to draw and channel chius (radiating life energy) fully into your body. This generates a deep physical, mental and spiritual alignment; cleans out a lifetime’s buildup of pain, lethargy and inner resistance; boosts your immune system to heal pain and illness; and increases your stamina, energy, health, resilience, and blessing.

HISHTAAVUS: This is the art of equanimity; the gift of true resilience; the capacity to maintain a calm inner state of peace, wellbeing and joy, free from emotional turbulence, no matter what daily chaos and challenges you face. There’s no reason to ever again let the outer world define your inner world. Learn the Torah’s secret to becoming less emotionally reactive in life, without losing a single ounce of your passion and heart.


Your mind is an extraordinary thing; time to ignite the full spectrum of its capabilities. In Elevation 2 you learned how to access your inner light and soul power. In Elevation 3 you’ll master the art of full mind control as we unleash the 8 Powers of The Perfectly Focused Mind. You’ll be astonished by what you can accomplish when you get your will, thought and imagination in perfect sync together.
Topics include:

8 Powers of The Perfectly Focused Mind. You’ll only become your best possible self when you learn to use your God-given capabilities to their full capacity. Within the realm of the mind, there are eight elements you need to master: the willful stimulation of intensively positive emotional states (Hislahavus); rapid belief shifting (Birur Hadaas); intellectual and analytical ability (Koach Hasechel); rewiring and unshackling destructive desires (Birur Hamiddos); Sixth Sensory Visualization (Koach Hatziur); willfully generating new creative insight and innovation (Chiddushim); understanding how our perception of others affects their inner consciousness (Nekudah Tova); and attracting a destiny of choice (Koach Hamoshech).

Deconstructing Freewill: Learn the mechanism at play behind the most challenging moments of your life. Hack the system to empower yourself to choose right more of the time. Achieve enhanced levels of discipline, willpower and self-control. Don’t just respond to reality; proactively shape it. Owning your capacity to choose means taking ownership of your destiny.

Perception VS Reality (Dimyon VS Metzius): Often, what we think of as reality is in fact a distorted perception of it. There’s generally a huge schism between what actually happened and our interpretation of what happened. We’ll explore the internal process causing this psycho-spiritual blindness that wreaks havoc in our life, showing you how to step out of the matrix and into the light. Learning to perceive the light of objective truth is one of the most healing and transformative experiences possible. There is divine goodness and revelation in all things when you truly open your eyes to see it.

Koach HaMoshech: Learn the true mechanism behind the Law of Attraction in order to avoid its risks and dangers, while simultaneously expanding its arena of effect and taking its power to the next level.

Meditations and Practices:

Rikuz Hamachshava: Get your mind back in your control with this shockingly simple technique to achieve near-perfect concentration on any subject you choose, for an unlimited period of time. (Yes, even if you think you’re ADD.)

Hislahavus: Emotional self-mastery is not just the ability to process and release negative feelings, but to willfully generate powerful positive emotional states any time you need. We’re going to unlock the bridge between your mind and heart, empowering you with the skill set to flood your heart at any moment with overwhelming feelings of love, joy and awe.

Barak Hamavrik: Good artists wait to be struck by inspiration – but great artists know how to turn on the light themselves. Now, thanks to this fun technique, the power of reliable creativity and innovation will be back in your hands, ready to channel insight and inspiration whenever you need it.

Ruach Hakodesh M’at: Access your inner source of superconscious wisdom and develop your capacity for intuition and psychic insight. Learn to open yourself to receiving higher guidance when problem-solving or seeking to clarify your life’s purpose and direction.

Mesirus Nefesh: Smash your most hardwired habits, overcome your biggest fears, and release and reclaim tremendous vital energy that’s been untapped within you until now.

Koach Hatziur: By training your mind in “sixth-sense” visualization techniques sourced directly from the teachings of the Chassidic masters, you’ll learn to tap into energy sources and psychic insight way beyond this world.


The heart is the engine of our consciousness. The very success or failure of our lives is dependent upon it. Now, armed with a wealth of new skills and resources from Elevation 1-3, we’re finally ready to face our inner darkness with strength.

In Elevation 4, we’ll complete the last of the 4 Pillars: Tikkun Hamiddos – the ability to rapidly uproot and release all the destructive desires and emotions that we carry within. We’ll explore the Torah’s secret to achieving emotional healing and transformation: by confronting the darkness with compassion. The Kabbalists described compassion as the highest of all Divine traits. At its core, it is the capacity to find and perceive the inner good and potential in even the darkest places. The Baal Shem Tov leveraged this principle to create a radical shift in how we deal with our lust, fear, ego and pain. By showing that even the most destructive emotional energy can be harnessed and re-channeled for good, he taught not to just repress and negate, but to elevate. Diving deep into your shadow side, you’ll learn how to break even the most hard-wired habits; to fix, heal and elevate even your most destructive desires; and how to increase joy, love and awe in your life. Release the past and step into an elevated future.

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Level 5 is the grand finale and conclusion to the first part of the Elevation Curriculum. It’s the gestalt moment that brings together all we’ve learned so far and takes it to the next level. We’re going to unpack your biggest questions, discover your unique life purpose, and find out why those same bad things keep happening to you (and how to make them stop). You’re going to finally understand how all the challenges coming at you are actually being generated from within, and you’ll learn the algorithm of how to break the pattern and turn it around. We’ll dive into the deepest Kabbalistic mysteries of creation, including the secrets of Divine unity, the Merkava, and the supernatural power of faith. We’ll help you narrow down the main tikkun (mission, fixing, healing, perfecting) of your life, and help you map out a path to most efficiently accomplish it. And we’ll be initiated into the system of Hisbodedus: the Divine Dialogue, the most powerful tool available to shift our life, psyche, and personal and global destiny. Elevation 5 is designed to cause a personal revelation, revolution, and evolution in all who are ready to awaken to their truth and elevate their lives to the next level.

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