At this time, all live and in person Elevation events are on hold due to the
Covid 19 pandemic. Please check back often and subscribe for updates!


Are you interested in changing the trajectory of your life? Do you feel stuck, disconnected, paralyzed by limiting beliefs or past traumas? Attending an Elevation seminar can alter your life permanently, bringing transformation, insight and much needed healthy tools.

Elevation seminars have been held from LA to New York, London to Melbourne, Jerusalem to Johannesburg. Live seminars range from 3-hour intensive workshops to multi-day retreats.

These incredible once-in-a-lifetime experiences are the most powerful and immersive way to dive into Elevation teachings. Stay tuned for upcoming dates!

“It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced…I was blown away by my own ability to calm my mind and control my thoughts this way. I didn’t know I could do that…and it’s revolutionary to realize that I can generate my own positive emotions this strongly…”

Rebecca Salman, Brooklyn

“I was absolutely blown away by what I saw and heard…..I have never heard anything come close to the extraordinary depth, clarity and applicability of what Rav Doniel Katz teaches…”

Rav Moshe Schatz, Jerusalem

“Absolutely fantastic – high, high experiences and totally transformative.”

Michael Kleinman, Atlanta


Do you want to join thousands of others that have elevated, transformed and completely changed the trajectory of their lives? If you’re feeling stuck, disconnected of paralyzed by limiting beliefs or past traumas, attending online elevation and online teacher training can alter your life permanently, bringing transformation, insight and much needed healthy tools.

Be prepared to change your perspective, have an authentic connection to yourself, learn tools and sources, be empowered to make permanent changes, improve your life and how you relate to others and the world. Yes, all of this is possible by attending an Online Elevation Workshop or Teacher Training Class!

Elevation Workshops and Classes are given around the world as well as virtually. Please check back for upcoming dates and locations.

“Elevation teaches a deeper understanding of how we are made up psychologically, spiritually and our connection to G-d and the Universe and how it all works.”

Ayelet Saban, Tel Aviv

“It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life….incredibly intense, enlightening, relieving, and liberating….You have changed my life.”

Rebecca Neumann

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