The Elevation Platinum Program

Invites You to Join Rav Doniel’s Inner Circle

An Exclusive Lifetime Membership

Your Chance to Change Your Life

We are offering a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20 people the opportunity to become exclusive Platinum Level members.

Your Ticket to Change the Future of the Jewish World

THE GOOD NEWS: After a decade in the making, we finally launched the the Elevation Mastery Program to the world on Thursday, August 17th. We have been flooded by over 500 participants signing up in just our first two weeks, for this truly game changing new initiative, and we’re absolutely “kvelling” from the universally positive feedback. Here some of hundreds of examples:

“When I saw the first two masterclasses, I was stunned. In just 9 days of doing the program, I’ve achieved in my tefillah what I didn’t imagine I’d be able to do in my entire lifetime.” – Brian Cable

“The amazingly talented Doniel Katz’s Elevation Mastery Program is legitimately the best, most innovative, creative, profound self-development program I have seen.” – Rabbi Jacob Rupp

“I expected something spectacular, but ​the beloved Doniel Katz ​appears​ to have outdone ​himself.” – Rabbi Shraga Simmons (

“5 classes into the Foundation Series and I’m at a loss for words. I’m more than blown away. I haven’t been this excited about something in Judaism for a long time. You’re going to change the Jewish world.” – Michael Benmelech (Director The Lighthouse Project, Miami )​

THE BAD NEWS: It’s taken literally every cent we had to create and launch this program. Our core commitment was to provide you with the world’s most advanced Torah teachings on mastering your heart, mind and soul, all produced and presented on a modern, world-class level, with the highest quality production values across the board, in our video, website design, online platforms etc. This is absolutely what is required in this generation to rebrand Torah to the world influence numbers of people that until now were impossible.

However, just the process of getting us to launch has now left us completely broke, right when we have the product ready and are on the verge of taking it to the world. We lack even the basic means to advertise and promote the product; we cannot hire the staff to continue to build and scale with the growing demand; and we do not we have the capacity to begin production on the Elevation Mastery Level 2 Series. In short: Mazal Tov! We launched! But now we’re stuck. Thus, we urgently need to raise a significant amount of capital to take Elevation to the world, market it, begin hiring the support staff, produce the Level 2 series, and most importantly, to give full support to our exploding global student body.

THE SOLUTION: Here’s our solution, that both resolves our challenge and simultaneously delivers to you a package of unique and exceptional opportunities for transformational experiences that we’ve never before made possible. Not only can the Platinum Program give you the tools you need to truly achieve, grow and sustain your best life, but your investment in this exclusive membership will also make you a key catalyst in transforming the Jewish world, and beyond…


ANNOUNCING: The Elevation Platinum Level membership.
Available to a select group of a minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 enrollees.
The Platinum Level membership includes all of the following:

  • Lifetime Access to all the benefits of Elevation Mastery Program, Premium level.
  • Lifetime admission to any Elevation live event or retreat anywhere in the world, including some of the most spectacular destinations, for you and a guest.
  • First Preview of Elevation Mastery Video Series 2 (and onwards), before anyone outside our “inner circle.”
  • 12-Month Access to Exclusive Platinum Monthly Webinar Series with live interaction with Rav Doniel, custom-designed to assure your personal mastery. Attended only by Platinum Level members.
  • 12-Month Access to Exclusive Platinum Whatsapp Group, where Rav Doniel will be available to answer your questions each day.
  • Lifetime access to the ever-expanding Online Sourcebook

These exclusive and extraordinary benefits are designed to accelerate your progress toward mastery and to ensure you sustain ever-higher levels of consciousness. But that is only how a Platinum Level membership will transform you!

How will your purchase of a Platinum Level membership make you a key catalyst in transforming the Jewish world?
As we said at the beginning of this letter, we are completely broke. We need to raise a significant amount of capital so we can get effectively inform the world about Elevation and to be able to begin hiring the support staff we need to ensure we are ready to meet the needs and desires of our students and to begin production of Elevation Mastery Series 2. Your purchase of a Platinum Level membership will enable us to move Elevation to the next level of transformation for the Jewish world.

All the above listed benefits would cost many tens of thousands of dollars if purchased separately.
This is why we believe that the one-time purchase price of $7500 is a real bargain.

Buy a Platinum Level membership for a one-time purchase price of $7500, and you get to change your life forever – and you get a piece of changing the world as well.

The end of the year is approaching and Rosh HaShana is upon us. Many organizations are making appeals for funding to continue whatever work they do and most, if not all, are worthy organizations doing important work. This year, do something different and make The Elevation Project your choice for end of year giving. When you consider all the benefits delivered to you and the lives that will be changed by your helping us move forward, is there a better way to direct your year end giving?

Change Your Life
Change The World
Become a Platinum Level member now and let the change begin!


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