Hila Sion, London UK

Hila Sion, London UK

By elevation_admin on June 22, 2018

“I write this overwhelmed with appreciation for the deeply profound experiences made accessible to me through the Elevation Mastery Program. The meditations were beautiful and heartfelt, meaningful and rejuvenating, refreshing and amazing. I have used your teachings to transform challenging emotional states into positive, or at least neutral states; to help release anxiety while studying for a tough exam; to have meaningful and transcendent prayer experiences; and to begin to understand what it means to feel God in a tangible way. You have provided me with so many valuable, practical tools which I hope to carry with me for life! Most profoundly, now that I’m doing the work, I’ve personally witnessed multiple times the major Elevation principle that, when I transform my internal response to specific challenges, those external challenges themselves melt away and resolve. Beyond all of this, the Elevation project has made it possible for me to discover a portion of my inner world that I didn't know existed, and that has empowered me with more inner strength, confidence, tranquility and life direction than I ever knew I had within me.”

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