exclusive level 1 mentor training

  • LEVEL 1: ELEVATION MENTOR TRAINING – 6-month program, launch of first-ever cohort December 2019
  • LEVEL 2: ELEVATION MASHPIAH TRAINING – Advanced 1-year program, for Mentor Training graduates. By invitation only. Launches end 2020.

Empowering the next generation of Jewish Mashpiim with the most profound educational tools and principles for personal transformation and spiritual experience. Sourced entirely from the Torah and Kabbalistic tradition. Open to educators, rabbis, rebbetzins, therapists, healers, outreach professionals, and others…


Mentor Training Goals

Become part of a cohort of like-minded, spiritually sensitive, forward-thinking educators and therapists excited to lead the next generation in personal transformation and Torah education
Master the Torah system of human consciousness and development on a theoretical and experiential level
Master at least ten of the simplest and most powerful Jewish meditation techniques, and learn how to most effectively give them over to any audience
Learn all the sources on the inside to build a solid text-based understanding of meditation and transformation from a Torah perspective
Experience personal hands-on training for facilitating inner transformation in others
Explore, define and speak eloquently about the key similarities and differences between Torah approaches and many other of the most current and popular secular modalities and techniques
Learn the mystical secrets as to why these teachings are so urgent and fundamental to our generation
Become a pioneer in this nascent field of Jewish education


Why is meditation important in our generation?

What are the most common questions regarding Jewish Meditation?

How does Jewish Meditation compare to Mindfulness?


➡ High-level intensive curriculum, including 60+ hours of live webinars with Rav Doniel & advanced pre-recorded video sessions
➡ Free attendance as a Mentor-in-Training to a 3-Day Elevation Seminar within the next 5 months. ($799 value!).
➡ Focused weekly exams to encourage ownership and mastery of the material.
➡ A 6-month course structure: 5 months curriculum and training with Rav Doniel, one month of testing and teaching activities for graduation.
➡ An average weekly 4-hour commitment (at least half of which time can be flexibly scheduled.)

tuition: Level 1: Elevation Mentor Training

US $1,645 as a one-time REDUCED RATE for eligible applicants, which includes a $200 Application Fee refund for all full program graduates*.

*Graduation requirements for $200 refund:

1. Successfully completing all course material
2. Attending one Elevation Seminar as a Mentor-in-Training (free attendance to seminars, 30% discount to retreats.)
3. Organizing & teaching 2 x Elevation meditation classes in your community for a minimum of 5 people each.
4. Facilitating 6 x 1on1 Meditation Sessions with a single student.
5. Pass all weekly exams and final exam
6. All requirements must be fulfilled within 30 days of completing the curriculum

the elevation approach

We couldn’t be more excited to share with you this unprecedented opportunity of a lifetime to master these most profound tools of Torah and Kabbalah, to transform the lives of your students, as well as, hopefully, the future of Jewish education.

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