Attendance and Missed Classes

While students have the option to attend the live weekly online classes or watch the recordings, it is to the student’s advantage to stay current with all the sessions as much as possible.

Participants are required to attend all live classes or listen to class recordings. If a student misses a class they can make it up by listening to the class recording.


Teacher Training Program Certification

To receive certification, students must fulfill ALL training requirements outlined in the training materials: watch all pre-recorded videos, full class attendance (either live or recorded), and pass all exams and teaching requirements. In addition, all certification requirements must be completed within one year of the program start date.

Certification requirements:

  • 100% completion of all classes and content. 

  • Write a dictionary of 50 Elevation terms, concepts and phrases. 

  • Prepare all 13 Foundational Meditations to be spot tested on at least two.

  • Design and Give Your Own Meditation Class on Elevation.

  • Write an essay.

  • Teach a meditation class!  

  • Create VIDEO. 

Payment Plans

Prior to the beginning of the training, the student’s full tuition or the first payment of an approved payment plan must be paid. If a student leaves the training, after the first 10 days, for any reason, the student will be held responsible to finish the payments as agreed upon in their payment plan.

Payment plans must be completely satisfied before a student receives their certificate of completion.


Delinquent Accounts

Should a student’s account become delinquent (more than 30 days), Elevation Teacher Training reserves the right to take any or all of the following actions:

  1. Withhold the certificate of completion until full tuition has been paid.
  2. Withdraw the student from the training program with forfeiture of monies paid to date.
  3. Submit the student’s outstanding balance to an agency for collection after three months.


Policy for Refunds, Transfers, Cancellations

Makeup Classes and Refunds

If at any time, a student is unhappy or dissatisfied, for any reason, we request that the student notify the Elevation Teacher Training as soon as possible with specific feedback so we can work on a solution, if possible, to resolve or improve the situation.

A $200.00 non-refundable registration fee is included in tuition. Any refunds will be issued less the non-refundable fee. If a student would like to withdraw from the training for any reason, within the first 10 days of the start of training, s/he must notify Elevation Teacher Training in writing by sending an email to [email protected]. This written notification must be received by midnight of the 10th day into the training program to receive a refund minus the non-refundable deposit.

A student who is on a payment plan and withdraws from the training after the first 10 days of class will be required to continue paying their full tuition.

If a student requests their credit card company to issue a refund for the entire amount paid, before the first day of the training, Elevation Teacher Training will dispute the $200 non-refundable deposit based on these Terms and Conditions.


Cancellation of Programs

If for any reason, the Teacher Training must be canceled before we launch, we will inform students prior to the first class start date. Although the Elevation Teacher Training will make every effort to reschedule a future training program, students will have the option to withdraw from the program at that time and receive a full refund. If rescheduling the training is not possible, all students will be refunded in full.

If for any reason a single class is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, Elevation Teacher Training will reschedule the class.


Class Materials

All online class materials, including access to videos and source sheets, will be available long term, with our minimum commitment of two years. 

Any and all proprietary Elevation materials (including, but not limited to, written material, recorded video(s), audio recordings, transcripts, worksheets, meditation guidelines, etc) are the exclusive property of The Elevation Project and are designated for the sole use of The Elevation Project. No Elevation Project material is to be utilized outside of Elevation Project without the expressed, written permission of The Elevation Project. 

Students are encouraged to develop their own personal, original material and are welcome to use Elevation Project materials as a cited source. Please ensure that the citation is specific and according to the norms of accepted academic citation protocols as well as include a disclaimer within the material that Elevation Project is not affiliated with the student project/business in any manner. Your unique voice is critical to your message and we invite you to be “the source of the source” when referring to Elevation Project material. 

Under no circumstances are The Elevation Project logos, mottos, mission statement, vision statement, or web domains to be used in any written or printed form outside the scope of official Elevation Project use. Links that refer to the Elevation Project homepage as a means of solely referring the reader to Elevation Project are allowed.

We hope you understand the need to protect the integrity of the Elevation Project and are happy to address any questions or concerns regarding this policy. 


Termination and Disruption

If at any time during the program, a student becomes disruptive or fails to act in a professional manner towards an instructor or fellow students, (i.e., under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, rude or violent behavior), Elevation Teacher Training will dismiss the student without a refund.



Elevation Teacher Training reserves the unilateral right to modify or amend the terms and conditions of this agreement as needed.