Rebbetzin Amit Yaghoubi, New York

Rebbetzin Amit Yaghoubi, New York

By elevation_admin on June 19, 2018

“Sometimes I am shocked at how well my children react and handle the curveballs of life. My children are being raised on Elevation teachings, which go far beyond individual lessons that I can give over. Elevation provides a framework in which one can access his own self-knowledge and inner resilience. Instead of a new method “to add on” to the proverbial parenting tool-box, Elevation taught me how to strip away all outer layers and release the soul and depth of myself and my children. Raising children is often more about “raising parents” and by raising myself through Elevation, I have been empowered to raise kids with incredible capabilities. My home has been transformed into a place of calm exciting energy. If calm seems like the opposite of high energy, I suggest you check out what Elevation is offering…”

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